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From simple hook-up wire to complex cable assemblies, ROYCE ELECTRONIC SALES INC. provides a line of high quality products and services for aerospace, military, and commercial applications.

Because our customer’s needs often go beyond just supplying wire, cable, and tubing, we have become the premier cable assembly / master distributor in the South Eastern United States.

Let us introduce you to the ROYCE way of doing business.

WE don’t just sell, we participate

At Royce we understand the rapidly changing pace of the electronics and electrical technology.  It is reflected in our quick turn-around, our ability to respond to both simple and complex technical needs, and in the line of superior products we carry.

To the Purchasing Agent, we’re specialists in wire cable and tubing. We can supply parts from your bill of materials, or supply the finished cable assembly. By supplying the complete assembly, this reduces the time spent sourcing parts and the headaches of expediting components from several different vendors.

To the Engineer or Designer, we’re resourceful technical experts whose product knowledge and genuine interest in meeting their requirements result in the creation of a unique vendor / engineering team.

To the Quality Manager, we’re a dependable  source of high quality products, and a UL APPROVED facility,  capable of providing 100% traceability and certification on all of our products.

And, to the Production Manager and Technicians, we’re efficiency experts who can save time, labor, and costs through our special on-sight services and vast inventory.

From Bulk wire to finished cable assemblies we can supply the materials you need for your electronic applications.