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Royce offers many types and styles of hook up wire. We stock a wide variety of the most commonly used insulation types in both UL/CSA and Mil-Spec configurations. The following is a guideline list of wire that you’ll find stocked at Royce Electronic Sales among others:

Mil – Spec configuration
M16878/1 M16878/2 UL1007 UL1015
M16878/3 M16878/4 UL1028 UL1061
M16878/5 M16878/6 UL1180 UL1199
M22759/9 M22759/11 UL1213 UL1422
M22759/16 M22759/18 UL1423 UL1429
M22759/32 M22759/34 UL1430 UL1431
MIL-W-76B M5086/1 UL1569 UL3265
M5086/2 M81381 UL3266 UL3239

These wires are all manufactured to the highest standards in the industry as well as QPL certifications where required. These specs encompass a vast array of insulation types like PVC, Irradiated PVC, Teflon FEP, Teflon TFE, Polyethylene, Tefzel, Nylon, Kynar, Cross linked PVC’s and Polyethylene’s and Kapton.

Contact us for application information or to request a quotation. We are always ready to check our inventory and offer a competitive price to meet most any need or application.